Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the iReliability System. We will continue to add FAQ's so make this your first destination when you have a question. Click the "+" to see the answer to a questions:
ExpandWhy won't my reports print in color?
ExpandHow can I include screen capture images with my assessments?
ExpandHow do I edit an existing job bucket?
ExpandWhen setting up a new job, what is the purpose of the ‘activity’?
ExpandCan I add a status comments in the Integrated Fault Entry Report?
ExpandWhy don’t I have any options in the database hierarchy itself?
ExpandCan I create a job and have an assignment start immediately?
ExpandHow do I enter a comment against a fault entry that has been repaired?
ExpandHow do I schedule a follow up check to verify that a repair was done successfully?
ExpandHow can I see what is making a location red on the asset health report?
ExpandCan I manually generate an assignment for a job?
ExpandDo my assignments have to generate automatically?
ExpandCan I create and do a 'one time' job?